Demo recorded and engineered by Damien Zakoor at the VaudevillianLair, 2009



When you see the shore and you want it gone
When it's time to go but you don't want to go home
Time rolls in and washes you away
Your utter rejects but the essence stays
Are you going to help the fallen down?

Going to help the fallen, lend a hand to the down trodden
Who'll help the weak if not a humble meek man
A helping hand will form a fist to rise against
Fight! Fight!

Now that I've helped you it's time to help me too
Let's start an army resist the system like a cyst
Create a burden like the bleeding from a fresh cut wrist
Fight a war, the violence will never win
Are you going to help the fallen down?


from Our Filthy Swagger, released July 10, 2013
Words & Music by Ted Dimoglu
Arranged by The Vaudevillianaires

Lead Vocals: Jamie Greer
Guitar, Lead Vocals: Ted Dimoglu
Lead Guitar: Ed LeBlanc
Bass: Ken Jean
Drums: Damien Zakoor



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The Vaudevillianaires Windsor, Ontario

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